Rose Pak

  • UI/UX
  • Visual product design
  • Responsive web design

Ladders Resume Tools

Resume Builder

Working closely with a UX counterpart, I was the lead visual designer on this web-based professional resume building tool that parses a user's resume, gives dynamic personalized feedback, and makes updating quick and easy. Many rounds of user testing was done to ensure ease of use and user satisfaction, and we were in constant contact with our engineers and product leads. Upon launch, we were able to watch exactly how users interact with the product, and based on that and NPS scores, we constantly iterated and made improvements for months afterwards.

The mobile experience was designed to be as close to a native app as possible, with nesting menus, sticky navigation, and sort/remove controls. The user uploads their resume and can edit parsed information, or build a new resume from scratch. Notification badges inform user of tips and feedback, which they are free to dismiss. The final output is one of three resume layouts that essentially becomes their resume/profile page.

Profile View

There were some issues with the resume builder tool. It was difficult to get a reliable parse—users would get frustrated with how their information was imported. We would massage that process by letting them know that it was how employers' systems would read their resumes, and we could show them how to make it better. Testing out different parser services yielded similar results. Some users were upset that their meticulously formatted resumes were replaced by something so visually different.

In the end we scrapped the builder and went with a more standard profile view, that shows minimal parsed information and kept the users' original resumes.

Resume Reviewer

We retained the helpful tips and feedback portion of the resume tool, and used the reviewer as a marketing vehicle to bring in fresh resumes and new users.